How to display text in new line in description field

description text always displays everything in single line. Is it possible to put new line in description text?


Hi @jibranWipro123,

Can you add further details so that I can understand the situation in a much better way? Feel free to add screenshots or any supporting information as well.
From what I inferred, If your intent is to show content line-by-line in the product UI by introducing new lines, you can achieve it like this,

However, if your intent to identify line breaks in description, there could be multiple cases.
a. For ticket created via API, the parsing logic could be simple

b. For ticket created via product, notice how the payload looks like

The parser logic has to be aware of such variations.


Thanks for the reply. The issue is resolved now.


We’re trying to create a ticket. We want to add new lines in the description. We’re trying description: "Some description <br/> new line now". But in the ticket it is not adding new line instead it displays <br/>.

Can someone help me with that?