How to filter tickets based on predefined filters like All unresolved tickets?


we have tried tickets filter for query created_at ,in this api is page limit issue only accept on pages.But we have handle 50+ pages are access filter tickets ‘/api/v2/search/tickets?query=[query]’ not support .So we have tried this "List of view tickets api".Tihs api is working fine, but requirment is one minite scheduled filter 50 page is not support.So using list all tickets filter api based on predefined filter.Freshdesk api available for are new_and_my_open , watching , spam , deleted. .we expect are,

And we search about this Filtering tickets using views : Freshdesk,

it is possible for filter tickets are Unresolved

if it is possible ,then please shar hoe to solve this issue.

Thank you,

Hi @Annalakshmi_Manivasa,

What do you exactly trying to achieve? I’m clear that you have tickets that are more than 50 pages. But, which tickets do you want to get?
Do you want to get only all the unresolved tickets? If so, why is that?

Hi raviraj,

Yes we have get only all unresolved tickets

Hi raviraj,
First we tried for filter tickets search query,but fresh desk Api limit is 10 pages only not exceed,then we tried this

how to fix the issue?

Hello @Annalakshmi_Manivasa

I understand that you want to list all the unresolved tickets in Freshdesk. Like @Raviraj suggested, this is an odd thing to want to do, so understanding your use-case better would help give you the right solution.

I don’t believe there is an API to list all tickets in a custom view created in Freshdesk. You can instead use the Filter Tickets to define an appropriate filter, and retrieve 300 results. If you need to work with more tickets, you will have to expand your filter to include other properties like created_at or updated_at.