How to filter tickets with send multiple custom field parameters

Hi Guys,

I am trying in postman, the query parameters like:

Step1:(Working)"(cf_test:%27Services%27%20OR%20cf_test:%27Services GTS%27)%20AND%20status:2%20OR%20status:3%20OR%20status:6%20OR%20status:7"

Add parameter cf_test"cf_test: 'Services'"

result is:

Next we trying with mobile number as a custom integer field
step3:(Not working)"cf_mobile_number:9876876678"

result is: empty

Some custom field is working else not working

Thank you

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hey @Karuppu_Samy

After referring the documentation, I don’t see an issue in your approach and ideally it should work, please allow us some time to check with the concerned team and get back to you!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

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HI @Karuppu_Samy,

I have an update on the above issue that you’ve reported,

I worked with Freshdesk team to learn what could be the issue. As they pointed me to above piece of documentation, there seems to be a relevant field called ‘custom_number’ to perform query on custom fields instead of label in general.

Can you please try doing a query in the following way and let us know if this is working?

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Hi @Saif,

Thanks for your response.

I am tried with custom_number instead of custom_string, it’s working fine.

We want to mention that field name to filter tickets?. Because we pass multiple parameters to get at single query it efficient, we can avoid the time consumption of pagination request.

If I understood this correctly, you also want the label to be in the response object so optimize for fewer API calls, am I correct?

Hi @Saif,

Yeah that is right.

Can you please provide update on this?

Looks like same API response might not have label information that you need. It may cost you more API calls for now. I am still waiting for confirmation from Freshdesk team.

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I could confirm this from the :freshdesk: team.