How to find the region of the Freshchat account

Freshchat API responds with “JWT signature does not match a locally computed signature. JWT validity cannot be asserted and should not be trusted] - I checked this topic, it is mentioned that we need to use the appropriate region URL to make the API request. Please help me to find out the region of my account.
My Account URL:

Let me check and get back to you at earliest


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Hi @kishore ,

if you are integrate the phone number with your freshchat account means, country code of the phone number denotes region.
For ex:
+91 1234567890 is your number then you have to use
if your country code is US then url will be

i hope this will help you

Sorry, I could not able to find the phone number integrated with the Freshchat account

I had checked with the product team, and this account is in the US region.

Hope it helps


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