How to find the request for details in ticket

i am try to get the request for details in fresh-service’s ticket but i can’t get the request for details in the ticket response. How i can get that requester for details through API-call, I had attached the screenshot also .(upload://6S6L2JBDHUAV6PnJlJRIOVXPQrG.png) .

Hi @bala014,
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Guess you have missed the attachment. But from the message, we think you are trying to get the requestor information. Here is the documentation - Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice.
And requester id can be obtained from ticket details API call.

Hi Raghu,

Thanks, I can get the requester details through ticket-api, But i cant get the request-for details through api call.

For example : While put a service request ticket we have to enter two input values like requester and request-for both two persons need to choose in that request-for person’s details i can’t get through the ticket API-call,thats the thing i want to know how to get that request-for person’s details.

Thanks for the details @bala014.

SInce request-for is not default attribute we can see while creating ticket or updating ticket. Can you also confirm it’s not part of custom fields?

Thanks raghu,
yes its not a custom field . Is any chance to get request-for details in API-call ,if it has a chance means let me know .

@bala014 This is currently not available in API. We have taken this as a feedback and passed to the Freshservice product team to consider it.

I will update this thread upon any updates on the confirmation and timelines.

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