How to get all the conversations between the agent and user in Freshchat? V2/conversations/{conversation_id} does not get me all the conversations

I have created a conversation and have posted a few messages to that conversation assigning a group and an agent.
The replies to these convos i’m providing through the freshchat dashboard.
But when i try to use the above API to get all the messages in the conversation by the user and agent, its returning only the below data:

“conversation_id”: “333-33-4bc6-8480-33”,
“app_id”: “3333-1891-4638-b13d-ss”,
“status”: “assigned”,
“channel_id”: “test-6ee0-4973-ba9a-6b7fddb81c04”,
“assigned_agent_id”: “test-3f29-4e82-a894-a310ccaedd6b”,
“assigned_group_id”: “test-96f0-4f34-88a4-d5130a760e67”


How do i retrieve all the messaging happening between user and agent so i can render them in my chatbox.

Hi @sagar_dixit1,

This post might be helpful for you.

Post if you have any more queries or the solution may not suit for your use-case.

I was having the same issue. So I went through the SDK’s source code and found the endpoint that it uses:

GET /conversations/${conversationId}/messages?page=1&items_per_page=50

@Raviraj or someone representing Freshchat, please update the docs. The current endpoint does not return what the docs say it does and it’s been nearly a year since @sagar_dixit1 created this thread.