How to get changes in contact without refresh the page

Hi Guys,

Scope is:

We need to add some custom fields for to get customer confidential data. And they want able to update their confidential data.

They want after enter their confidential data and to save to the third party site, After successfully saved to third party site automatically remove thier confidential data in freshsales.

we are saved their confidential data temporary in freshsales.

And suppose they want to update their confidential data in contact, so we need to show their confidential data from third party site.

Thank you.

Can you please explain more on this?

So, the confidential information for a contact is to be synced with a third-party site. Can you please answer the following questions.

  1. Should the agent view the confidential information in freshsales?
  2. Who will enter the confidential information in freshsales?