How to get conversations via Conversations API

I have problem correlative Conversations API, I got the token in admin setting, i tried calling the api to get the chat content through the api, but it doesn’t work. Can anyone or someone help me to solve the problem, Thank you so much!

There are two possibility of getting the unauthorized error.

  1. May be user access token has been expired.
  2. Your API Key user doesn’t have access to read conversations. In this case, you need to use super admin API key, In order to read chat content.
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The Freshchat and Freshworks CRM use token based auth as opposed to Bearer based authorization.

Here is an example for same on how to use it

curl --location 'https://<domain>/crm/sales/api/contacts/<contact_id>' \
--header 'Authorization: Token token=<your_API_key>'


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