How to get DOM on the custom app

Hi, I am developing a custom app in freshworks CRM, I need to get some fields from the deal. how do i get these fields by the custom app?


Hi @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando,

Are you trying to get the deal properties like custom fields ? If yes, then you will be able to get the deal id using the Data Methods

And using the id you can get the deal details using the deal API

If not please share what value do you need to fetch ?


Hi @Janani,

In this case I want to get the deal’s fields from the HTML, an example I could do, would be to get an HTML field and change its color to red.


Do you want to change color of agent side portal ?


Yes, I want to customize the form fields, either changing their colors or for example adding a REGEX.


@Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando Interface APIs are provided by the platform for the apps to modify anything in the parent product.

Since the app loads in a sandboxed iframe, the app cannot access the parent window’s DOM and make any changes to them directly.

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