How to get/export a list Ticket Automation rules

Hello, I have a question related to Ticket Automation Rules. In our Freshdesk we have what I consider to be many automation rules (100+), counting all 3 types (ticket creation-based, time-based and ticket update-based triggers).

From what I see, there does not seem to exist a way to export a list of all automation rules with their data. Does such an option exist?

Whenever I need to do change on automation rules, it can be frustrating to have to manually check each one for whatever I’m looking for.
Say I need to do a change on automation rules that assign tickets to a given Agent Group A, because our workflows have changed and some of those rules now need to assign tickets to Agent Group B. I’d first need a list of the rules that assign to Agent Group A, and those rules only. But the “Search” option only searches based on the rule’s name, which may or may not reflect the conditions/actions/etc. of the rule to a “usable” degree.

Right now, I think my only option would be to keep an external list of the automation rules working in our Freshdesk, with all the details I may need, and to manually update it whenever I do changes in them in FD.

It would be cool to have the option to Export the list of automation rules with all their triggers, conditions, actions, etc. Is there a way for this to be done?

Thanks in advance!!! And Best Regards,

PS: I placed this question in the Product API category because I think it’d be cool to be able to access this through the API. However, if there’s a way to get this data in the Freshdesk Admin itself, I’d be more than happy with that option too!

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Hello @Isaac_Gutierrez,

Perhaps using the freshdesk APIs would allow you to get a list of all your automations, and then you can filter the list based on a condition.

Here is the API endpoint documentation for automations. There is a ton of data returned in the payload.

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Thank you very much Zach!!