How to get field technician detail in ticket

How do I get field technician detail in the service task ticket? I have tried view ticket API but in this API not able to get field technician details. Showing only custom fields.

Please help. Thanks

Hi @ankur,

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To get the field technician details, you would have to invoke another Freshdesk API - View agent and for the id, use the responder_id value that is returned in View service task API. The appointment details - cf_fsm_appointment_start_time and cf_fsm_appointment_end_time are part of the View service task API.

View agent API returns the following object -

  "group_ids" : [
  "role_ids" : [
  "skill_ids" : [
  "type": "support_agent",
    "name":"Clark Kent",

Let me know if this helps or if you are looking for any other details.

Happy building!


Thank you @zach_jones_noel

But how to get service task technician detail in the parent ticket?
I have assigned one field technician but was not able to get technician detail in the parent ticket.

Hi @ankur,
The responder_id should be available in the parent ticket and also the associated ticket ids would be available in associated_tickets_list.
Let me know if you have an associated service task and still can’t retrieve responder_id.

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Hello @zach_jones_noel

Thanks for your reply.

Yes retrieve the associated_tickets_list then using associated_tickets_list id fetch the child ticket data then got the field technician id (responder_id).

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