How to get from <fw-select> the selected option text?

In a standard select, I can get the text of the selected option like this:
“$(”#myselect option:selected").text();"

Is there a way to get it from a fw-select as well?
For instance, I tried “$(”#myselect fw-select-option:selected").text();" but did not work.

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Hi Samuel,
Unfortunately, we do not have that exposed. Can you please raise a issue at “GitHub - freshworks/crayons: 🖍️ Crayons - A UI Kit comprising of web components for building Freshworks Apps!”?
We will expose a property for the text.
Meanwhile you can use JS to get the text by mapping the value with the text in your app itself.


Also, if you can share how you are populating the fw-select, we can help you get the text element.

Understood. I will raise an issue at github.
I’m using the ‘value’ attribute to get what I need.
Thank you!

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Thanks for raising an issue on the Crayons repository.

The solution that works for me is,

document.getElementById('mySelect').addEventListener('fwChange', (event) => {

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