How to get merged ticket only


Is there a way to get the merged information of a ticket with the Data Method in custom application? I’m would like to know which ticket is being merged into which other ticket but currently I don’t find any way to get this information.

Hey @Lance,

Merged ticket details are not part of the object in Data method - ticket, alternatively. Have you tried making an API invocation with a request method to get child tickets?

Let me know if this helps.

I’m fine with getting child tickets by checking the association type and associated ticket ids but I can’t find any information regarding the merged ticket. The API result didn’t show any relation between a merged primary and secondary ticket.

associated_tickets_list would be available with all the merged ticket ids.

Additional Information
The 'associated_tickets_list' attribute returns an array of associated ticket IDs based on the association type value

When association_type is 1 (Parent), it will return the list of child IDs associated with the respective parent.
When association_type is 2 (Child), it will return the respective parent ticket ID.
When association_type is 3 (Tracker), it will return the list of related ticket IDs associated with the respective tracker.
When association_type is 4 (Related), it will return the respective tracker ticket ID.

And also with ticket association API.

Thank you for the reply.

I have tested this API in my Freshdesk instance with postman but getting 404 Not Found response. I’m not sure if it’s some configuration setting I have to change for my instance.

I also tried the same API endpoint with the request template invocation method in my serverless application. Still getting 404 Not Found response.

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