How to get paid and track revenue?

I’m an independent developer and submitted a custom Freshdesk app a while back, recently I started getting emails about revenue I’ve earned but I can’t figure out how to receive the money. I’ve tried contacting Freshdesk’s helpdesk, accounts payable, and developer relations. I haven’t made progress there so I’m wondering if anyone here can help point me in the right direction. Do any of you earn revenue? How did you get set up? Is there anywhere I can set up a bank account like I do on the apple app store? Any way to view monthly revenue reports? How to get paid and track revenue? How to get paid and track revenue?

This should be a marketplace app.

Do you have a link to the ticket you’ve raised?

cc: @Product-Managers @Developer-Platform

Yes, you are right—it’s a marketplace app.

My first ticket was here:

Eventually support stopped providing updates.

I also got this link but when I try to view it it wants me to log into Microsoft which I don’t understand.

Do those help you? Thank you for being willing to help me out!

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