How to get parent ticket requester detail in child ticket?

How to find parent ticket requester detail (email, name) in a child ticket?
Requester means: who sent the mail.

Hi Ankur,

I hope you’re referring to accessing the parent ticket’s requester details via API with the child ticket’s details.

You can use the API in the section “View a Ticket with Association” to get the parent ticket details with the child ticket’s ID.

If this API doesn’t provide the required requester details, you would have to additionally make View A Ticket API to get the requester details of the parent ticket with its ticket ID.

Thanks for the reply,
But for this does not resolve my query.
Is there any way to access field technician detail in the parent ticket?

@ankur The assigned agent is the field technician if the ticket is of type Service Task. The agent will be of type “field_agent”.
With the responder_id of the assigned agent, the field agent details can be gathered from View an Agent API.

Parent ticket response responder_id is different. Not able to get field technician detail in the parent ticket.

You mentioned the above scenario working in a child ticket, not a parent ticket. (responder_id is parent agent id in parent ticket)

Is any solution available for accessing field technician detail in the parent ticket?