How to get the product details through api call in freshsales

How to find the fresh sales product details through api call

Hi @bala014,

Could you be more specific on what you are looking for?

Regarding getting the product details, you can use Request API in your app. Also, please refer the API Docs for more details on freshsales product API’s.

Hope this may help you. Let us know if you would require any assistance :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
I had searched in the API Document but I’m does not get any sample apicall regards to Product Module

Hi @bala014,

Product module in Freshsales is a custom module. Currently, there’s no API available for custom modules.

I will pass this as a feature-request to the Freshsales product team to consider it on their future roadmap. But, we will not have any SLA on this.


Hi Ravi - any update on this? Will there be APIs available soon for custom modules? documentation?