How to get ticket category, sub_category and item_category options via API in Freshservice?

Hello, i’m currently working in an app where i need to get the Ticket category, sub_category and item_category from the Freshservice platform to display them in a form field, like the platform itself does; however i can’t manage to find any API call to get this information, what i need to get are not the ticket attribute fields but the fields itself, are they stored in such a way that i can get all of them through an API call or any other way?

These are the fields i’m referring to, they’re in the “create a ticket–> Incident–>Category” form and in the “create a new SLA–>Apply to” form as well.

Create a ticket–>Incident–>Category form

Create a new SLA–>Apply to form


Hi @Pavel_ACL,

List All Ticket Fields (New) API provides your requested category field options and their nested fields options as well. If it doesn’t satisfy your needs, let us know.


If @Raviraj’s mentioned API didn’t help, @Pavel_ACL can you. please eloborate about what you mean by ‘attribute fields’ here? The API lists as label or label_for_customers as far as I can understand.


Hello, i’ve looked into the Freshservice platform and the info i need to get is the one in the Admin > Form Fields > Shared Fields > Category, i haven’t found an API call that gives me access to that info, is there a way to get it?

This is the info i’m referring to:

shared fields category

And this is the info i have on my service desk:

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This is how I understood. Please correct me if I am wrong.

For an application that you are trying to build, you are looking for a response payload from Freshservice APIs with the information on key value pairs of

  1. Category Key and Value associated with it. Example, "category":"Hardware"
  2. Sub-Category Key and Value associated with it. Example, “Sub-Category”:“Computer”
  3. Item Key and Value associated with it. Example, “Item”:“PC”

May be focussing on two particular attributes may help,




Might provide you what you could be looking for.

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