How to handle update event?

Hi Team,

We have a requirement, when an agent tries to update the ticket property without filling few fields which are configured in the custom app.

The app should not allow the user to save the updates/changes in the ticket properties and show error message to the agents.

Is this feature can be achieved via custom app?

Thanks in advance,
Sateshsoundar N.

Hi @Raviraj @Saif @kaustavdm

Can you please help us with your inputs?

Awaiting your response.

Thanks in advance,
Sateshsoundar N

Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namas1,

Yes, it is possible on Freshdesk ticket details page.

The ticket.propertiesUpdated intercept event can be used to notify the app and let the app decide whether to continue with the action or not. If not, the app shows the respective error and next steps via the showNotify interface method.
The event payload will have the list of fields and their old and new values to validate.

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