How to identify what type of service request was raised in Freshservice?

Hello guys,

I need to know what type of service request raised in Freshservice. I tried using on ticket create event but it’s giving me info about the type of ticket that’s it I need some more information like what type of request it is and based on that I need to store a value in a custom field. Please suggest how I can identify?


Hello @soujanya,
Could you clarify what you mean by service request type? Currently freshservice only has two types of tickets, “Incident” and “Service Request” both are identified in the attribute type_name: '' from the payload when onTicketCreate event is triggered.

I think just a little clarification or possibly an example of the service request will help get you the answer you are looking for :+1:



Hi @Zach,

When I place a service request I need to capture the details that are requested and should be stored in the custom field of a ticket.

As shown in the image here I need to capture Employee Type and need to be stored in the ticket custom field. Can you let me know how I can capture the value?


This should be referenced as a custom field in the response of the following API method:


  "requested_items": [
      "custom_fields": {
        "employee_name": "Dummy",
        "employee_id": "D000525",
        "department": "HR",
        "job_title": "Supervisor",
        "blood_group": "O+"
      "id": 17000022999,
      "created_at": "2020-08-28T12:47:55Z",
      "updated_at": "2020-08-28T12:47:55Z",
      "quantity": 1,
      "stage": 1,
      "loaned": false,
      "cost_per_request": 0.0,
      "remarks": null,
      "delivery_time": null,
      "is_parent": true,
      "service_item_id": 18


@sabatale it worked thanks for this.


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