How to install the specific FDK version

Hi Team,

I have done the code coverage for the Freshdesk app(Super Receptionist). After this, we updated the FDK. It turns out that the latest FDK version runs with at least Node v14.
The app is based on Node v12 and complete code coverage was also done in the Node v12.

Now, if I do
fdk pack
It is showing to redo the code coverage again in the latest version which is not an efficient thing as code coverage is a time-consuming task.

I want to go back to the FDK version that supports Node v12 so that I can upload the app this time with the same code coverage that I have already done.

Please guide us on how to install the FDK version other than the latest one.

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Harsh Rajput

This query is being answered on this post

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Thanks @Anand_Chandran

I will be following up in the post that you referred from now onwards.