How to integrate Freshworks CRM with Vuejs App

I have a vuejs application and would like to track visitors to my app using freshworks crm. I followed these steps:

To add the script in the header tag, i used the following code, (since i cant edit index.html code directly):

in App.vue

mounted() {
    let freshCRMScript = document.createElement('script')
    freshCRMScript.setAttribute('src', '//')

I add external js for cookiebot and payment gateway in the same manner and it works;

Finally, to test if integration is successful with my app, i used verification field on this link:

But it shows ‘Not integrated’.

How to integrate Freshworks CRM with Vuejs App?
Thanks in anticipation

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Hi @Chinmay_Patel,

Were you able to make sure the added script is available in the loaded application in the browser?

Also, in the Vue documentation, it is mentioned that not all the components will be ready, and $nextTick has to be used inside the mounted hook. The mounted hook will also be not triggered for Server-side rendering.

Hi @Raviraj

The added script is available in the loaded application in the browser. Still it shows ‘not integrated’
I tried to add the script directly to index.html. After which, it shows ‘integrated’ on both, setting>tracking code for marketing, and setting>web forms>smart forms.

I am following this Freshworks CRM | Refreshingly new CRM & Deal Management Software to create contact and log event. But the contacts/events are not reflected on FreshCrm console.

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<Could only upload one image, so adding another reply>

As can be seen in the image below, Freshworks CRM is receiving your events. Last event: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 12:44 AM. But I dont see any contacts/events on FreshCrm console.