How to know that the account has reached the maximum number of agents

Hello Team,

I am getting an 403 error when using “{ticket_id}” API.
As per documentation, 403 error will occur in the below scenarios.

This indicates that the agent whose credentials were used for making this request was not authorized to perform this API call. It could be that this API call requires admin level credentials or perhaps the Freshservice portal doesn’t have the corresponding feature enabled. It could also indicate that the user has reached the maximum number of failed login attempts or that the account has reached the maximum number of agents.

The issue will occur only for one or two tickets in a day.

Please help with the issue immediately as it is affecting customer’s production account directly.

Akhil S K

Hey @Akhil_Kulkarni,

Welcome to the forum :wave: ! Can you share the related logs so that we can understand the situation better? A HAR export would also do.

Also as a quick check, is there a possibility that the number of REST API calls made / hr is exceeding 1000? In which case, you can look at the response headers to analyze the available limits.

Hello Hemchander,

Please find the below screenshot provided by the customer.

I don’t think there is an issue with the API calls/hr limit as the customer is going to create on an average 10 tickets per hr and for a single ticket, we are working with 5-6 APIs.

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Please take this request as a priority request and provide me a solution for this.

Akhil S K


I may need some information to check in and get you logs which may have sensitive information involved. I will drop in a message in your inbox. I will have summary posted on this thread.

Ok Saif.

My Email ID -

Thanks for your co-operation.

Akhil S K

I have dropped an message on the forum Inbox. :smile:

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