How to list all LIst created on Freshsales Suite

How to list all LIst created on my freshworks account .
i want to add contact while creating to a specific List . Please help

I see to understand what you are trying to achieve. But would you help me understand the business use case behind it? That can help us to conclude the most favorable use of the app platform or APIs for you.

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Yes sure,
we are trying to integrate Freshsales Suite with our system where user can create contacts even add them to a specific list direct using APi Service integrated and later then use that for there campaing or other requirements.

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You can use this API to create a contact in Freshsales_suit

and if you want to add the contact to your list (third party database) when user creating a contact in Freshsales Suit, you can use Product Events to monitor the contact creation and call your API (using Request Method) to get it stored

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Thankyou for reply but for any method we should know the list id already presnt in our freshwork account , for the we should have a end point which list all the List present in my freshwork account. so this is the problem the firstly i want to get a List of all the List present .

Hi @Abhishek_Singh,
It is clearly mentioned in the document,

If you’d like to fetch a list of contacts, use this API


If you’d like to view specific contacts, use views . To fetch contacts from a view, first fetch the view id using the filters API and then use view API to fetch.


so, first call this /api/contacts/filters api and get the id from the response and then call this api /api/contacts/view/[view_id]

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you
i tried with my https://********/crm/sales/api/contacts/filters
i got my default contact but the contact which i created was not here and the list which i created was also not visible in the responce json . please help

How did you create it?
via API? or in the Freshsales portal?

if you created the contact via API, kindly ensure you get the proper response for contact creation.
and if you created via Freshsales portal then ensure contacts are available in the contacts section.

if all the above things are working perfectly and still you are facing the problem, kindly reach out to the Freshsales support


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