How to Load Dynamic data into Fw-Data-Table

i tried to load data from fw-form to fw-data-table, for the first submit click data is getting populated correctly to table

, from the second click the datatable is not getting populated, it only shows the first row . above have attached sample json.

code sc:

can we load data dynamically to datatable?
i dont find any error in my code

sample output

Hi Deiviya,

Yes, we can dynamically update the datatable. I tried replicating this issue. DataTable seems to work fine.

Can you confirm if this is the same scenarios as yours? If not, can you update the fiddle to replicate your issue. This will help me understand the issue better.

Vignesh M


@Vignesh_Manogar actually not, i tried to store data when it is muted… that’s the issue .
thanks for helping out


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