How to make third party (ServiceNow) API call into Freshdesk


How to make third-party (ServiceNow) API call into Freshdesk. I am planning to POST Freshdesk ticket update into ServiceNow. How do I call the SNOW API to post or fetch the Freshdesk ticket details?

Do you mind helping us understand the problem in a different way where we can picture it in ways we can help?

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From what I can guess

Do you want to learn how to make API calls from ServiceNow to Freshdesk?

When a ticket is updated in Freshdesk, do the details need to either POST/GET from ServiceNow?

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Hi Saif,

I have shared Freshdesk public APIs with the ServiceNow team.

What we are trying to achieve: With this approach, the ticket is created updated, and replied in Freshdesk from ServiceNow using the Freshdesk REST API.

What is the problem:
The ServiceNow team is asking us to update the ticket from Freshdesk to ServiceNow. I asked them to use the GET API. But they are saying they can’t use the Freshdesk REST API because of the performance issue and asking us to push the Freshdesk ticket update to ServiceNow.

Is there any way we can achieve this from Freshdesk?

I hope you understand my question. Feel free to reach out to me at

@Saif : Please understand that I am not a freshdesk developer but we use the freshdesk system to support various customers. One of our customer is using ServiceNow as their ticketing tool and they want to continue using the same. And that’s why we have suggested them to use Freshdesk REST APIs to push the tickets created in SNOW to freshdesk at the run time. But as per the SNOW team, when an Agent replies to a ticket, they cannot use the GET API due to performance issue since they have to keep Polling the API it every second. (which is very strange to me). What is your suggestion to this problem?

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I really appreciate your effort in elaborating. I will try to elaborate on the same problem from what I understood and suggest a way to help.

As I read,

  1. Tickets in Freshdesk should also be created as Tickets in ServiceNow. But created, updated, and replied or similar action needs to be pushed to ServiceNow too.
  2. One of the ways to solve this problem is to have a runtime that polls Freshdesk API to get those details and POST them to ServiceNow.

However, I don’t understand performance issues either, but hosting a separate system to do this can be difficult. The entire job of this middleware/system is to run poll Freshdesk API and push to ServiceNow.

Well, I suppose you could solve this problem by being a Freshworks developer :slight_smile:

  1. You can build a Freshworks app that sits within Freshdesk. This app can observe onTicketCreate, onTicketUpdate and onConversationCreate events occurring inside Freshdesk. Synonymous to what you wanted - created, updated, or replied.
  2. Each of these events can be tied to a callback which you will define as a developer. Your code will receive an argument that contains details of the ticket or conversation that just occurred.
  3. In your definition of callback, you can make API calls to ServiceNow API to push those details.

I hope this can help you make progress.

In case you are wondering how to build the app, I would recommend you to read introductory guide, check out some sample apps and tutorials.

Hi Saif,

Thanks for the response. Since we don’t have expertise in building Freshdesk application, is this something can be outsourced to Freshworks just to build a POST functionality to the ServiceNOW.

How complex is that and are you able to confirm the efforts required to build that solution?

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Hi @achaudhari,

I suppose I am not the right person in terms of effort estimates or outsourcing. I recommend you raise a ticket with; they might help you get someone from technology alliances to get in touch with you to take this forward.


As a subscribed user of Freshdesk, you can reach out to Customer Success Manager in order initiate discussions about outsourcing in general.

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