How to make use of http://localhost:10001/custom_configs?

not able to enter api values and subdomain values
actually i am not able to see the textboxes for entering at the bottom of it i am getting a install option and after clicking it i am getting readvalues cannot be entered
my iparams.json is in below can u ckeck and say

 "freshdesk_api_key": {
   "display_name": "Freshdesk API Key",
   "description": "Please enter your Freshdesk API key. You can find it in the profile section page.",
   "type": "text",
   "required": true,
   "secure": true
 "freshdesk_subdomain": {
   "display_name": "Freshdesk Sub-domain",
   "description": "Please enter your Freshdesk sub-domain. It's in the URL, the name which appears before ( in the URL. For ex: In ``, `xyz` is the subdomain",
   "type": "text",
   "required": true

Hi @pavuluri_jagadeesh,

The iparams.json looks alright. Ideally, it should be looking like the following when you navigate to http://localhost:10001/custom_configs

You can also make use of domain and api-key iparams to store these values instead of text. These iparam types are meant especially for this use-case as they take care of validation out of the box

You can find more about them over here : Installation Parameters

Also, you can make use of the following resources to understand how it can be referred from within the code and so on :

  2. ( recordings of our sessions :slight_smile: ) !
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