How to monitor Freshservice Alert Management endpoint health

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We are trying to figure out how to monitor the Integration Endpoint for the Alert Management Webhook integration on Freshservice.

Our monitoring solution sends webhooks to “”. We would like to monitor the health of this. If the webhooks are not being sent through, we need to know this so we can react accordingly and fallback to email alerts from our monitoring solution instead of webhooks.

However, If we try to send HTTP GET requests to the endpoint, we get a HTTP 404 error code, even the if given Authorization headers are correct. HTTP POST seems to be the only working method for this endpoint. If we do send HTTP POST requests, an alert is created in Freshservice, which is undesireable for a monitoring solution. Is there any way to do this without creating a ticket, is there any parameter that we could include in the payload to not create a ticket, but just check if the endpoint is healthy?

To summarize: We have thousands of monitors that are checking resources if they are healthy, and they are sending webhooks to Freshservice to create alerts and incidents. But we also want to check that the Freshservice endpoint is healthy, and we want to be notified, if it’s not healthy.

Here’s a quick diagram to hopefully help visualize what we are trying to do:

Thank you in advance!

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I appreciate your patient elaboration on the problem. I realized there is no feature of the app platform that circumvents this requirement.

In another attempt, it’s possible, but not without an actual alert being created. This is something you’ve already tried and undesirable.

Let me route your query to the concerned product team to find a reasonable answer to your topic.

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This topic is now taken in private conversation with the Freshservice team → Ticketed.