¿How to multiply two fields sent from services catalog?

Hi everyone

I have a catalog services about travel. But i need than people enter the number days and the type alimentation for i multiply the cost for thenumber days.

I try used ‘Additional elements’ in the ‘catalog services’ but it this only allows you to enter a value and add the total of the elements, but this would be very complex beacause is mor easy than people enter only a number for to do multiplication.

I planned to create a custom app for read this information (Number Days and Cost) for show in the app the calculated value, but i don’t know if it is a good solution to resolve my need.

I’ll be very grateful if you can give me your opinions to solve my need. :relaxed:

Hi @Alejandra_Morales_B,
Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community :wave: !
I just had a quick look at the service item settings in my account. There seems to be an option called Show Quantity under the Service Item settings.

After I enabled it, I was able to set the quantity which also auto-calculated the value

Do let me know if the challenge is something different.