How to overcome 50 requests per minute Issue?

Hi team,

My App in Freshdesk can be used by more than 100 agents at a time. I checked with 60 agents at a time for load testing. While all the agents making particular action at the same time Request API sending the request to my Node Application. In testing, I am exceeding 50 requests per minute and getting an issue as in the image.

How to overcome this issue?

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

If more than 50 agents make any requests from the app at the same minute-window, the Request API rate-limit will be breached. But, to make us clear on how is the concurrent users is calculated, could you please provide the following details to understand the app’s intention and usage?

  1. Is it a custom app or Marketplace app?
  2. If it’s a custom app, what is the number of the agents of the account?
  3. What is the expected count of concurrent users of the app?
  4. Does the app make any request upon first-time app loading?
  5. For one ideal workflow of the app, how many request the app makes for one agent?

Hi @Raviraj,

Intention of the App is to send the response of third party solution and make request API based on the response to get Freshdesk Ticket/Contact/Company info.

I will publish the App in the marketplace within 6 weeks. I tested the same as a custom app. There I opened 60 tabs for 3 different agents. While I am making a operation in my third party software the Node Application send the response to Freshdesk App through the socket connection (here it needs to send all 60 tabs). After receiving the response I am making Request API call to get ticket and contact details from Freshdesk. Here I am getting the error.

Also in real time I am expecting that the client will make atleast 100 request per minute (they have 200 agents). While opening my App, I am making 2 Request API and expecting atleast 60-70 agents will open the App every minute (concurrently open the App) as the client requirement.

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

I may need to get some more information on the app business use-case and your current idea of User Experience to advice further on the solution. I will send you a personal message in the forum.

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