How to pass default value for input field type text in installation-parameters

Hello Every one,

i need to pass one input filed type text with some static data in the installation parameters how can i pass, as i checked in doc we can pass default_value only for radio, multiselect , or dropdown . how to pass value for input filed.

this input field is we are doing visible:false and it’s secure

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Hi @Konanki_Prakash

You can specify default values for input text fields also the same way as you specify for other input field types.

example :
“text_field”: {
“display_name”: “Text field”,
“description”: “Please enter input”,
“type”: “text”,
“required”: true,
“default_value”: “Hello”

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Good day!
As @Mughela_Chandresh said you can use default_value key in Iparams.json
or you can use dynamic Iparams to set the value at runtime while on Form load,
There is a hook available on form Load and you can use the same to set the value.

say for eg:

function onFormLoad() {
utils.set(‘First_name’, { value: ‘sample value’ });

for more reference kindly refer to this doc,

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Hi @Santhosh and @Mughela_Chandresh ,

Thanks for the reply, is default_value is not displaying in input field. it will work ?

@Konanki_Prakash ,
Do you mean in the documentation?
is it not specified the default value for input text fields?

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