How to post data to external URL in Platform 2.3

Hello Team,

We created an app on platform v2.2 to send ticket data to an external URL which is working fine so far. However, now we would like to update the custom app. As of now Freshdesk platform updated to 2.3 and testing the same app to post data. we are unable to do it. It is not sending any requests to an external server. Also, earlier we used a whitelist-domain key in a manifest file which is not required in v2.3. Could you please suggest how to post data to an external server? Thanks!

Hey @pavanagr,
Can you share your CURL command of the API call with masked credentials?

Ideally, you would have to define the template with host, path and headers. In your app code, you would have to send the body as a string.

You can refer the requests.json with the template replyTicket that is used in the server.js file with body sent to the template.