How to Pull data from salesforce and show on ticket page in Freshservice using custom APPs

I want to create a custom App where I want to pull the Salesforce object data and show the data into freshservice ticket sidebar.

I have created Freshservice Serverless APP add created connection with salesforce.

Is it possible to create a API on serverless APP can use that API on Frontend APP? or any other solution for this?

Good Day! Welcome to the community,
you can use SMI to call the method on the serverless app from the Frontend,
Please find this document for more reference

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Santhosh for your suggestions. I will try this.

I have checked reference documentation link and I have two queries with regards to app.js implementation.

  1. They have created options object in which it contains url key.
var options = { "url": "" };

Is it our domain url or some this else.
How our serverless method would be call? Could you please provide any short implementation reference. How to invoke serverless method in app.js.

  1. Can we combine both serverless and frontend APP in one single APP?

Hi @akash.pagare,

Please refer above :point_up: sample app for your reference,
you can able to know how SMI will get called from the frontend,

yes, you can!


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Thanks for the feedback @Santhosh This will works for me :slight_smile:

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@Santhosh I want create a custom object in freshservice and want to sync the object salesforce. I can pull the data from salesforce initially, but what if when changes made on salesforce. The changes on salesforce end should also be updated in freshservice custom object. Would it be possible?

yes, it is possible using external events,
refer :point_up: this doc for more reference


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