How to recover email addresses associated with our Freshworks dev account

Hello. I’m trying to access my Freshworks developer account but I’m not sure which email address it’s associated with. I don’t get any emails when I request a new password. I’ve emailed several times but haven’t gotten a reply. I emailed and they suggested I post a message here. Can somebody please assist? Thanks, Cory

Hi @corybrown,

Sorry for that. Ideally, we should have helped you in any of the mediums you have approached.

What is your Freshworks account URL? If you can share it here, I can check the associated emails. Since it’s personal information, I can share it with you over a private DM thread.

Hi @Raviraj no problem! Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure what the account URL is. The org ID might be either simplesat or simplesatdev. Can you find anything there?

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