How to remove app from your store?

I have an app listed in the store for Freshdesk, as everyone can see we don’t have a dashboard to see the number of installation, the number of sales. So i decided to remove my app from the store, impossible, i contacted the support who told me my app is used by customers!!! I never been notified and never received any money…
I asked to remove the product and since no more answer to my questions, that’s incredible to have such attitude.
Your product Freshdesk is good but the developer experience is incredible bad.

So my questions are:

  • Where we can see the sale done with our app?
  • How to remove an app?


Hey @jcq

We understand your concern. Please provide us few details

  • App name
  • Account domain

We will probably check the number of installs, and other similar details and come back.



Firstly, I would like to thank you for trying out the publishing app on Freshworks Marketplace. I apologize for the experience you have had to go through. As you might have realized, while the app platform is well-scaled engineering-wise, we are ramping up fast from the product point of view. But we do agree that we are not where we want us to be.

Here’s what we set up immediate assistance,

Because this is a public forum, disclosing your app-related information might not be a good idea. Once you raise a request on the above request, we can fetch the information and share it with you accurately.

While you are at it, I see a lot of what you needed wasn’t served well even though you contacted support. I will send you a private message to get the ticket details to learn the bottlenecks from the Freshworks side of happening.

Ali, thank you for your answer.
I can’t connect to My account is not recognized and there is no account creation…

I can connect to Freshworks Developers


You will have to sign up and access the service items.