How to run schedules to import contacts, accounts and products into Freshworks CRM

Hi Guys,

We are trying to create an application that would do the following.

The application should run a scheduled job as often as possible to fetch contacts, accounts and products from bOnline’s CRM and create and update these on Fresh

how every we dont know how to start

Hi Carl Kearns,
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You need to start by familiarizing yourself with the Freshsales documentations.

These are the APIs:

This is the SDK:

I’m not familiar with bOnline, but if you have access to its entities (via API or otherwise) you can use these tools to recreate or update records on Freshsales.

Try to get a little familiar with the API first.

I hope this helps you.

Hi @CKearns,

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To build Freshworks apps for the scheduled import, follow the steps @Mattia_Piparo has mentioned.

If the end customer is using the new Freshsales or Freshsales Suite, follow this documentation.
If it’s old Freshsales, follow this documentation.

At a high level, an app is required to create schedules and run them occasionally as part of the Freshsales account.

  1. Create a recurring schedule to get the details from bOnline’s CRM via API and upload them to Freshsales via API.
  2. Freshsales API credentials can be gathered from the user via Installation parameters.
  3. There will be API limits from the products, and the platform for the app will be applicable.

If it’s a one-time bulk import, it would be better to do it with a script than build an app for it. The app would be helpful if the import has to be done more in real-time continuously.

You can use the get started guide to understand the Freshworks developer platform.

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