How to send custom response from Routing Automation custom action?

Hello guys, I have the following use case:

Whenever you enter a call, you need to capture the originating phone number, but you need to do the following validation:

Source number: +55 45 999999999
when validating 45, I need to return ‘45’ or ‘PR’

Source number: +55 11 999999999
when validating 11, I need to return ‘11’ or ‘SP’

based on these return area codes, i need to direct to lines other than ura!

As I understand route automation, the application always has to return valid or invalid!

Would you be able to carry out this use case without asking the customer to enter the area code?

Hi @Marllon_Mainardes,

The Serverless custom action need not to send either “valid” or “invalid” as value. It can be anything. There’s no restriction on the response in the return payload.

You can send “45” or “PR” as per your requirement and handle the same and route it to the proper group when configuring the Call workflow in the Freshcaller UI.
Try it out and post here if you face any trouble setting up with your desired response from the custom action function on the app.

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