How to show a notification on freshdesk frontend app icon


I would like to create an app which have a modal, in which agent supposed to provide few input and then submit it and if agent fails to submit the form, then a notification(similar to message’s app have like red or green color small circle on it) needs to be displayed on app icon and if he submits the form in modal then notification should disappear.

Is this possible.


Hi @Suman_Chinnaraju ,

I don’t think you can access app icon & customise. App icon is typically a static image which the app developer submits while publishing a custom app & it should be part of your manifest.json.

If you wish to notify user you can possibly show them inside of your app template anywhere.


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Thanks for the response @mariappan

@Suman_Chinnaraju As @mariappan mentioned, the notification in the app icon or the name is impossible. If you could say the use case, we can suggest if there are any other ways to achieve the same.

The only Notification feature available may not be helpful for your use case since it will quickly disappear. The agent may or may not notice it, and they might forget to submit the form again.