How to store payment credentials for contacts in freshworks CRM?

Hi Team,

Can we able to create contact with payment credential information in freshworks CRM.

Thank you.

Hi @Karuppu_Samy,

I can’t find any default field dedicated to storing the payment information of a contact.
Let me check with the relevant product team if there’s a recommended alternative way.

  1. Do you have any particular requirement to store these details?
  2. What are the required ways for these information to be available? Like API, Product event, UI etc.

Yeah okey, We neet API also.


@Karuppu_Samy Team has confirmed that it’s not recommended to store sensitive payment information like Credit Card, etc. There’s no supported way to store it in the product.

One safe alternative way I could think, store or keep the payment information in the payment handling service and store only the identification for that payment information in the third-party payment handling service in the External ID field or a custom field of the contact.