How to Submit Friction Logs

Friction Logs

We are building an app platform for developers like you.

More often, our team can quickly recognize a bug or a feature in the product we have for developers. This results in us converting it into an engineering ticket, get prioritized, and fix it.

However, we have very little visibility over how a user feels about the product. Especially when users are developers. So we adopted this concept called Friction Logs – Where anyone can make a copy of the google doc friction log template, start writing down experience in their app development journey.

Friction Log vs Bug

Friction Log Bug
Things work but are frustrating to work with Things don’t work
Based on business problems you usually solve day-to-day Based on specifications defined by engineering knowledge
Scenario oriented Component oriented
Involves multiple teams of product to discuss and improvise Involves one or fewer teams

Steps to Author a Friction Log

  1. Open the Friction Log template or Download Friction Log Template (1.0 MB)
  2. Fill in the details. Best viewable/editable on Google Docs.
  3. Friction logs use color-coding to interpret users’ level of friction. Ensure you apply it.
  4. Keep it alongside your app development journey and keep logging until you are complete.

Steps to submit a Friction log

  1. Register on Developer Assist Portal
  2. Select the Assist Catalog Item – Share Friction Experience
  3. Attach the document in .docx format or .pdf
  4. Click on Place Request to Submit the Friction Log.

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Check if Friction Log is submitted as part of Developer Event.