How to test freshteam custom app on UI?

I’d like to know how to test a custom app. When I’m trying to install (my listed app under custom apps) it says failed to submit installation parameters.

I’ve gone through this

I did not turn on the load unsafe scripts

I tried to make an app directory, for the app.js and template.html apart from server(already given code). Clearly Freshteam directory structure doesn’t support that.

I want to know if I can only make serverless-apps which works totally on events and no UI ?
If not how to setup the UI and related app code i.e other than server.js.
please provide any pointers.

@Saif Can you help? Basically, I want to display a modal based on a user’s job role after app installation.


Currently, Freshteam supports serverless apps only. Frontend apps cannot be created on Freshteam with custom UI on the product like for example, Freshdesk and Freshservice that support Frontend apps.

With a serverless app and its features, there are business use-cases that can be solved. Please go through Freshteam documentation thoroughly to find if your need can be solved only with the serverless app. Let us know if you need any help with that.

You may have to wait for the frontend app to solve any UI based use-cases. We do not have a date when it will be available.

@Raviraj thanks for the clarification.

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@Raviraj This part of documentation mentions that it is possible to make an app like this for freshteam. Thus having an UI component.

Can you please check and review if it is at all possible.

Also, do I need to publish my app as custom app before I can test it on real data i.e. through dashboard.
The document says this.

I tried installing it while providing iparams values. But it is not responding on employeeCreate or update events.
Am I missing something here and yes I added ?dev=true and activated load unsafe scripts.

@SIDDHANT_JAIN It is a miss in the documentation.

It is surely not possible to develop a frontend app for Freshteam, as of now. I will get this documentation corrected as SMI is not useful without a frontend component in the application.

Thanks for reporting it.

While still working in the local environment, the backend events can be tested via http://localhost:10001/web/test while running the app with the fdk run command.

To test with real data available on your Freshteam portal, yes, the app has to be published as a custom app to test it on your account. dev=true query parameter is not required when testing as a custom app.

When relevant action is triggered by the product, the onEmployeeCreate and onEmployeeUpdate events will get triggered. Check the serverless logs of your logs in the relevant event handlers by following this guide to verify if they have been triggered successfully.