How to update custom fields of Asset Types using REST API?


I created some custom fields in the Asset Types as shown below

Now I need to update this custom field in the scheduler event. For this, I didn’t found an API to update Asset Type with custom fields. I went through the Rest API doc and I found an update API only with default fields Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice Can someone help me how to update custom fields for Asset types.


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Hi @soujanya,

Asset Type custom fields are not available to update via API.

I will pass this as feedback to Freshservice product team to consider adding this to the API. I will update here when we get timelines on this update.


Any word on this? I can see this being highly useful to many companies that expand past the given mold. I know that our company certainly needs this ability to avoid having to use another tool to manage it for freshservice.

Not yet, @Lee_Martin

Maybe we will try checking with :freshservice: team once again.

EDIT: We checked with the Freshservice team, it appears that this request is still pending.

What’s the status on this?

I’m pretty upset that I just spent the last 8 hours on a project that requires me to update custom fields on assets. This deficiency isn’t in any documentation.

Whats happening with this. We need to update custom fields on assets too?