How to update notice without refreshing whole page

I’m trying to create a private note that contains some information from another suite in our back end. Creating the note is not an issue. It shows an “update (1)” popup and when you click it, the private note is displayed.
I want to update the information in this note every time the ticket is opened and that works OK. But the information is not immediately displayed. It requires a refresh and that triggers another rewrite of the contents.

I thought to get around this by deleting the old note and creating a new one every time the ticket details are opened but this also has the issue that it displays 2 private notes, and doesn’t delete the old note until you once again refresh the page which then triggers another note creation. This chain of course never ends.

Is it possible to do what i want to do or am i looking in the wrong place for this functionality?

Hi Nick,

Could you elaborate a bit more about your use case ? Does it have any user driven component i.e. is it a frontend app or is the sole purpose of the app to do backend actions ? Additionally, can you mention what app location you use right now ?

This information will help us to identify the best way to solve this problem :smile:

It is a front end app that updates a ticket with a note every time the ticket page is opened. It pulls data from an external API. What do you mean by app location?

By app location, I mean the app placeholder. Could you tell me where your app is rendered ?

Thank you for providing those details

Do you mean the ticket details sidebar? thats where all these apps live as i understand it.

Hi Nick,

So I have checked with the product team as well and I am sorry to inform you that right now there is no way to reflect the note was added unless you click on this ‘update (1)’ or refresh the page. We will raise this as a feature request with the product team though there is no official ETA for when this will be done. If there are any updates regarding this then I will update them here.

Also, just to give you some info, not all apps live on the ticket details sidebar. There are multiple places where apps can be rendered even within the ticket details page. For more details on these app locations/placeholders, check out our documentation regarding App Locations

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Thanks for the info, i guess i will have our agents manually request info updates.

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