How to use logged in agent in serverless app

I have a requirement that on ticket create able to get logged in agent for the account.


Please let me know the feasible way

Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri,

The ticket create product event is triggered by the product when a ticket is created in whatever way. Also, any number of agents can be logged in to the Freshdesk helpdesk portal at a time. So, I’m not sure what do you mean as a requirement to get the logged-in agent for a serverless event.

Do you want to get the information about the agent who created the ticket?

Thanks for your reply @Raviraj

Yes exactly

@Tejasri_Kalluri The “actor” property in the payload of the onTicketCreate event will provide the agent’s id, name, and email.

In the onTicketUpdate, when a ticket is updated by automation other than any agents, the actor id will be 0 and the name will be system.

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