How to use OAuth authentication mechanism for Freshdesk API?

Hi Everyone

We are looking to create an integration for Freshdesk with our SaaS app. To begin with, as with any other app they provide a way to create a Client oAuth app, specify redirect URLs and after creating this we get the client secret and id immediately. But I am unable to find this any where in Freshdesk. When I visit this page OAuth it says that I need to register the app on the Third Party Portal.

On the developer portal the it seems like the app creation and submission process is when you are done with the development and are ready to publish. But my case is that I need it for development purpose. How can I get this done?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @rs1812,

Freshdesk API doesn’t support OAuth. It only support Basic authentication mechanism. Checkout Freshdesk API documentation for detail.

This OAuth page is for Freshdesk Marketplace apps to connect with any other third-party applications that support OAuth. This enables the Marketplace apps that developers create can use any third-party API with OAuth mechanism.