HTTP 403 - Forbidden when calling Freshdesk API

One of our existing integrations receives a HTTP 403 result when calling the Freshdesk API. We are not able to reproduce this but the issue occurs for some of our customers.
It happens when using the client.request.get and functions of the Freshdesk FDK.
The issue does not always occur and does not happen for all agents.

One of the endpoints this is happening for is:“phone:’ 123456789 '%20OR%20mobile:‘123456789’”

We have tried to reproduce this calling the API directly via Postman instead of the client.request.get. But when we intentionally remove or change the authorization header we receive a different HTTP error response.

Can someone please tell me what could cause the HTTP 403 - Forbidden response and how to reproduce this?

In the line of this topic, I see that a retry mechanism is in place (Request Method)
The documentation states it is only applicable for 429/5xx results. Is this correct? So it will not retry when receiving 403 responses?

Hi @j.couwenberg,

If it’s not always happening, the Request method would properly send the API request to Freshdesk along with the passed authentication information.

Are you able to reproduce in Postman when the issue happens?

To find the cases for 403 error and to troubleshoot why it happens sometimes, you would have to check with the Freshdesk support team.

If you have any failed requests’ x-request-id, could you please get it and raise a support ticket for Freshdesk support ( along with it?

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