Hurray! Crayons is now on the open web components list! πŸ–

As you may know, Crayons is an open-source design library for developers who build apps for the Freshworks platform. Crayons offer control and flexibility through pre-built components that enable developers to build consistent, stunning interfaces keeping the Freshworks product design in mind. It also provides a standardized solution to problems like reusability, interoperability, and encapsulation.

β€œRecently, Crayons was listed as one of the open-source libraries on Open Web Components.”

We encourage you to use the library in unique and novel ways and send us any feedback that you might have. We appreciate your contribution in shaping Crayons for the better.

Here are some handy links to get started today!

If you liked using Crayons, please share your positive experience with the community as well. We eagerly await your feedback, and maybe even a few PRs!