I cannot access dev-assist portal

Hi, I can’t log into Assist portal. This is the link from the post: Freshworks
And probably doesn’t match my client and account IDs…Where do I get these Ids to create the correct URL? Thanks

Hi Camila,

Are you signing for the first time or logging in with your existing account?
This account is different from any of your Freshworks product accounts. You have to create a new account if you have not specifically signed up in this portal before.

Hi Raviraj, could you send me the link to create an account? I could not do it from the link in your original post (that link assumes I just need to log in, not subscribe - apparently there’s a redirect in between)

Hi @Camilaspricigo,

I will check if the portal doesn’t allow Signing Up.
Could you check if this URL (Signup for a new account : Freshworks Developers) points to the Sign-Up form?

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