I cannot publish an app Update in Freshsales Classic

I am trying to submit and publish a updated version of our Ringcentral Freshsales app. However the marketplace page is giving me a unclear error message. I do not understand what is going wrong. We tried on different pc’s and browsers.

Screenshot error

Hey @LylMartijn,
Can you share the manifest.json of your app?

It does not allow to share .json file so I copy pasted the content below

“platform-version”: “2.3”,
“product”: {
“freshsales”: {
“location”: {
“left_nav_cti”: {
“url”: “index.html”,
“icon”: “styles/images/icon.svg”
“requests”: {
“io_createCallLog”: {},
“io_getContactsByPhone”: {}
“engines”: {
“node”: “18.19.1”,
“fdk”: “9.0.8”

Thanks @LylMartijn,

Additional follow-up, this is being published as a Marketplace app with a new version or is this a new app? Also, want to ensure if you have added in all the mandatory fields.

Hey @LylMartijn,
I’ve created a support ticket about this, you will get more updates regarding it from there.

Hi @LylMartijn ,

Can you share the HAR logs for this?

Steps here - How to generate HAR file to export and analyse network request logs?

Apologies, for some readson I am not receiving any email updates when a new reply is sent. I have attached the HAR file.
loyallyfreshsalesclassic.freshworks.com (4).har (160.9 KB)

Thanks for sharing @LylMartijn. And also I’ve DMed you for additional information can you please share it in private so that @mariappan can debug better?

For the notifications, can you recheck the notification settings that are set on your profile?


This has been resolved by freshwork technical team. Thank you.

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