I want to create a Salesforce lead on specific step of chat Flow in Freshchat

I want to create a salesforce lead when specific step of chat flow completed in Freshchat.
How can we achieve this. Whether it will be from custom app or some configuration. Please suggest?

The chat flow completed might been the chat is resolved. Have tried building Freshchat app? There seems to be OnConversationUpdate product event. You can watch for when that’s resolved and then use to make an API call to salesforce to create a lead.

Yes that is also a good idea. Thanks for suggestion @Saif

I will achieving this by creating a server less app using external events. I will configure the API action on chat flow and I will catch the information gathered from user in API by posting the values in API and then will make Salesforce call for creating Lead.

@Saif I am trying to call my serverless APP API via freshchat API trigger Action. When testing the API it show me “Invalid response”. But its working fine in Postman. Below is screenshot for your reference.

@Saif Do you have any idea about this?

Otherwise, did the app get invoked post this call? (via trigger action?)

Yes, I have tried to trigger the API via postman and I have also added logs in APP for the same. It working via Postman. But via trigger action I think it won’t be because when I am clicking on run test button, getting the above error.

Do you see the logs from the app?

Yes I can see the logs in App. when I am sending request from postman.

Also from browser I am trying to debugging the same. I found the below response.

I have not added API key in my params. Is that because of that?

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