I want to fix the chatbot widget at a fixed location

  1. I have deployed the freshchat bot on my app. However, currently if a user holds and drags it on the screen, the widget goes along. I want to fix this so that a user can not move the chatbot from its position.
    How do I do this? (The position in the screenshot attached is supposed to be fixed)

The class for the widget is: .mobile-chat-container {}

2 . In addition to this, I don’t want the bot to appear in some pages like when the search bar is being used. Please find screenshots attached.

When I access the search bar on my app, the screen looks like this. I want to hide/ remove the bot from this page as it distracts the user when the keyboard opens up on a small screen. Please let me know how can I do this.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @Shubh_Mansinghka,

To hide the widget on certain pages or on certain actions you can use the hide/show widget API like below:

window.fcWidget.hide();  // hides the widget
window.fcWidget.show();  // shows the widget

I don’t have sufficient info on your first query. Please provide more details.

Arun Rajkumar

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